“As a mother comforts her child,  so will I comfort you. “Isaiah 66:13.

I enjoy watching Rebecca comfort little Caleb Michael.  She cares for all of his needs. Even when she is tired.  She is constantly sacrificing for him.  Most of all I like to watch how she comforts him when he is in distress. She holds him close and because she knows him, she is able to soothe him in a way that makes sense to him and gives him permission to relax and rest in her arms.  In doing this consistently, Rebecca is teaching Caleb to trust in his Mom’s care and love. And she is constantly reminding him that she loves him. Rebecca tells him, she sings her love to him, she journals those words to him and she holds him. And sometimes Rebecca has to let him cry a bit knowing that will help him in the long run.  Watching Rebecca interact with Caleb made me think a bit more about the depth of God’s love for me.  He promises to care for all of my needs. He sacrificed his one and only Son for me so I can have a personal relationship with Him now and forever. He knows me – and He knows what things comfort and soothe me.   His faithfulness through Mike’s illness has helped me to grow in my trust that He will never leave me or forsake me.  I trust in His ability and desire to care for me regardless of  what stage of grief I am in and no matter what emotions I am feeling.  And He knows that I have to cry – he gave me emotions.  His love for me is so intimate that He even counts my tears. That means that He is present with me in my sadness. He can handle it.  I knew I wanted to write something tonight but  I wasn’t sure what. I spent some quiet time talking with God about the day and this is what came to mind.  Now I can go to sleep, having been reminded that even while I sleep, His love still comforts me.  He watches over me, cares for me, and holds me close. And because He knows me, He can do all this in a way that makes sense to me so that I can relax and rest in His arms.


2 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Susan Bever says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us…
    the Lord has been prompting me to pray the verse in Hebrews you spoke of for you…’I will never leave you nor forsake you” so now we can say, “The Lord is my Helper, I will not be afraid”..
    thankful to hear how the Lord is helping you in all the real and new and sometimes very sad changes..
    With you in His Love,
    Cousin Susan

  2. betty Marr says:

    The joy of watching your child become and be a parent is so well captured in your words. It is a beautiful thing and we are all so blessed to be able to experience and share it. My thought are with all of you each day. Betty

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