(wôrn, wrn)

1. Affected by wear or use.

2. Impaired or damaged by wear or use: the worn pockets on a jacket.

3. Showing the wearing effects of overwork, care, worry, or suffering.

A dear friend of Molly’s had surgery on Friday.  She has cancer.

19 years old.

This came as quite a blow to our fragile hearts.  God give us strength to support this friend and her family and all those impacted by this news.

This song adequately sums up today: “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North


2 thoughts on “Worn

  1. Susan Bever says:

    I am sad to hear this; will pray for comfort and healing in all ways needed.

  2. Vera Lenes says:

    Praying for Molly’s friend and family. Thanks for offering your help to them which I am sure is so needed at this time.
    God greeted me with these words this morning.
    “Be strong and take heart , all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24
    Looking for God’s blessings today.

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