Letters from Mike

This post has taken me a long time to write.  Valentine’s day was one month ago today.  Mike and I never did get crazy over Valentine’s day. I am not the long stem red roses kind of girl. We exchanged cards and Mike always gave each of “his girls” a small box of chocolates of some sort.  We treasured the notes we wrote to one another in those cards.  It’s amazing how the simplest traditions can mean the most.

A few weeks before Mike passed away, he handed me an envelope stuffed full of letters.  As I was about to pull out some of them, he said, “No, not now”.  So I put them away for another day.  This Valentine’s day I decided to get myself a small box of chocolates and dive into that envelope. I was kind of nervous. Did I really want to know what was in there? What kind of tsunami of emotion would I experience? Was this really a good idea?  What I found was one of the greatest gifts of all:  letters Mike had written to me during our years of dating. We lived in separate states for much of that time. No email, cell phones, or texting to keep in touch. We usually called each other once a week…after 11:00 PM on a Saturday night when the long distance rates went down. Our communication was limited.  These letters were our lifeline to one another.

What touched me the most about the letters was his constant encouragement for me to seek the Lord. Time and again he affirmed my walk with God and wrote about the spiritual growth he saw in me. He talked about what joy we would have when we saw each other again.  And then I realized it. What Mike wrote in those letters to me then are still applicable for me now.  The same prayers he prayed for me 30 years ago, he prays for me now. Seek God. Be honest with Him. Trust Him. Press on. And while we are once again separated, I have the hope and assurance that we will be reunited again. Some day. Not only with one another, but also with the One who wipes away our tears. The One who is currently carrying me close to His heart. There will be a day….

Jeremy Camp, “There Will Be A Day”.


7 thoughts on “Letters from Mike

  1. Aunt peg says:

    I can’t stop crying……

  2. Laurie says:


  3. Susan Bever says:

    Love never ends….

  4. Ring, Christine says:

    Pat, I am a friend of Peggy’s from Lauralton. What a wonderful gift from Mike. You now have some great happy memories. As Mike encouraged you in his letters I cannot help think of scripture which is Gods love letters to us.

    I pray for you and your family every day,

    Chris Ring

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Carmen says:

    Always the teacher….and I am trying to listen, watch and learn.

  6. Kim Stirtan says:

    True love that is a great example for all of us; especially your daughters

  7. Debbie Collins says:

    And before that day comes, you continue to inspire me to walk with Him and know HIm.

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