31 Days of Thanks

There are days when I am just not pleasant to be around. At least I don’t think I am. This week there have been a few of those days.  I am either near tears or am so jumbled in my emotions that I can’t think straight. It is so frustrating when the waves of grief consume every part of your being. It is easy to feel like such a burden on others. But I have experienced great love in the midst of those days. I am blessed with faithful family and friends; those who have made the choice to walk with me on this journey. They have shown me unconditional love, patience, and true grace. They allow me the freedom to be honest without judgment. They are faithful. And I am thankful.



6 thoughts on “31 Days of Thanks

  1. Ring, Christine says:

    Hey Patti, how is the new baby, I am not sure I remember his name? Micah? I am going to sleep now and this is the gazillionth time I pray pray for you. Every time I ride the elevator in school I pray a Hail Mary for every floor I travel. (Also so I don’t get stuck between floors, the elevator is from 1940!

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    • padoo5 says:

      Thank you Christine. Caleb is growing beautifully. He is a charming fun little boy who loves to clap. A real gift.
      Maybe I need to pray for you using that elevator?!

  2. Kim Stirtan says:

    We love you more and lift you up on these special day!
    Love you,

  3. Debbie Collins says:

    And you my friend, have taught me true wisdom, strength and grace.

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