31 Days of Thanks – A Very Special Day

October 6, 1984 was a crisp fall day. Like any bride, I had the mix of nerves and anticipation for the day and our new life together. The best advice we received before the wedding was to “savor the ceremony”.  I will always remember the conviction in Mike’s voice and intensity in his eyes when we exchanged vows.

Rings 2013

 “So David was their shepherd with a heart that was right, and led them with good hands and wisdom.” Psalm 78:72

 This is the verse that Mike had inscribed on the inside of my wedding ring 29 years ago. This was his promise to me and to our future family.  Like every couple, we had our ups and downs and yet at the end of the day, we knew we were each ultimately accountable to God for the vows we made to one another.  “Till death do us part” and yet I am thankful that our hearts are forever united.



6 thoughts on “31 Days of Thanks – A Very Special Day

  1. Debbie Collins says:

    Oh how I remember that beautiful day! And from the first day I met Mike @URI, I knew what a special love you shared.

  2. Beth (Betsy) Sagar says:


  3. Peggy McGowan says:

    I especially remember that CONVICTION in his voice when he responded with ‘I DO” like no other groom I have EVER heard before. You’ll always have that love.

  4. Susan Bever says:

    I remember your wedding well too; how full of thanks to God and so much love!

  5. Vera says:

    Happy Anniversary. Thankful for the loving example from both of you.

  6. Lisa says:

    What a special day that was!!!

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