31 Days of Thanks – Simple Things

We made it to Nashville. With each mile, we watched the clouds clear, the sky turn to blue, and the temperature rise. Being a summer girl, that made me happy.

It was our second day in the car. Traffic was light and the scenery was beautiful. Little did I know that Rebecca packed a very special treat for us.

mega oreo package

I am a big fan of double stuff oreos (are there any other kind?!) and I was in awe. These truly are amazing.

mega oreo closeup

And then I started to wonder.  What would it be like if we doubled these oreos yet again? So I took it upon myself to manufacture a super mega oreo:

super mega stuff oreo

And yes, it was worth it. But only once. We spent a good amount of time discussing what this new creation would be named. It helped us pass the time. We didn’t come up with anything creative. But we had some good laughs.

I am thankful for those times, whether we are “stuck” in a car, or waiting on someone or something. It seems that during those simple times, memories are made that can last a lifetime. Some of my fondest memories over the past year are from our times in waiting rooms, whether it was at the oncologist’s office or in a diagnostic lab setting or our trips to and from Dana Farber. Those moments spent together are now precious memories for me.  We talked, we laughed, we cried, we were silent. And we were together.  I am thankful for the simple things in life. And oreos reminded me of that today.


5 thoughts on “31 Days of Thanks – Simple Things

  1. Susan Bever says:

    You found blue skies!!!

  2. Beth (Betsy) Sagar says:


  3. Debbie Collins says:

    Never thought of double the goodness. can’t wait to hear about Nashville…it is on my list!
    Enjoy the extra stretch of summer1

  4. Chris ring says:

    Glad you arrived safely. Love those Oreos!

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