31 Days of Thanks – Kindness

Being here in Tennessee has been like stepping into a cool spring of water. The air feels fresher and clearer and the birds sing all day long. The sun is warm and the grass is green. Some of the trees are starting to turn colors and some of the trees have green leaves.  It feels like the best of Spring and Autumn all mixed together. And it is refreshing.

Even more refreshing has been the culture here. As Rebecca said today, “I am just not used to people being so kind and friendly”. It has made me realize just how different growing up in New England can be. I am proud of my Yankee heritage and yet there is room to grow in some areas. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my heart feels softer down here. Because the culture is “warmer” I can relax a bit more and can be myself. I know I am a stranger passing through, but this trip has already shown me a deeper value to kindness and for that I am thankful.



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