The Second Year – Living Water Well Update

This is a message I recently received in regards to the new well at Thomonde, Haiti.

This is a picture of the new well at Thomonde, one of the Living Water wells.  Notice the water on the ground–it works.  The man in the brown shirt is Etienne Rolzaph, the pastor of the church in Thomonde. The well is the anchor of the church’s dream for a new church building. I included his email to me when he requested a visit from us to give a “proper thank you.”  

Hello my dear pastor, I greet you in the soft invaluable name of Jesus. I am Etienne Rolzaph pastor of the church Baptist Jerusalem of Thomonde. how is – that you go? We have so much to pray for you and your group. How was the journey? On my behalf staff and of the church we are anxious to say to you thank you and thank you still for this big gift(donation) how much important for the church not to say the whole community (for the well of water). The committee of the church wants to thank you face to face. When can we to hope you and your group in Haiti still more exactly has Thomonde?
I remain at your disposal to give all the information necessary for this demand(request) and ask you to approve, my brother, the expression of my distinguished consideration.

Below is a map of Haiti. You can see where Thomonde is located.

Thomonde Location Map

And here is another map that shows you how remote this area is.

How thrilled Mike would be at this news! He would truly be humbled and in awe at the kind generosity of all who have contributed to this worthy project in his memory.

Beauty from Ashes



3 thoughts on “The Second Year – Living Water Well Update

  1. Kim Stirtan says:

    Living water for the souls that Mike wanted to reach and his family and friends helped him with his desire. We have much to thank God for especially his love for all of us even in the remote areas of the world.

  2. Laurie Buckley says:

    I greet you in the soft invaluable name of Jesus. WOW, I loved how he described the Name of our Savior. And, an even bigger WOW for the well and invitation! Praise HIM forevermore.
    With love,

  3. […] wrote about a well in my previous blog, “The Second Year – Living Water Well Update“. The Thomonde well is in quite a remote area. And Jephthe described this newly constructed […]

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