Letting Go….Again

This picture sums it up.  A couple of years ago, we wanted a new family picture; .  Red squeezed his way in; right in the middle. That’s where he wanted to be.  You can see how happy he was.

We go to the world’s greatest veterinarians. So kind. Their gift of mercy gave me the courage to take the step to let Red go. When all was said and done, I got in my car with his leash and collar.  This was exceptionally hard. You see, after Mike died, I took the risk to love this dog. And he loved me right back.  Yesterday, my heart broke.

As I drove out of the parking lot, this song came on. I do not believe it was a coincidence.  It reminded me that there is hope. My heart takes hope that one day I will be reunited with all those who have passed on; with all those whom I’ve loved.

And on that day, we will walk along the streets of gold.


Be brave.



7 thoughts on “Letting Go….Again

  1. Becky McCoy says:

    Love you

    Becky McCoy


  2. Laurie Wilkerson says:

    So very hard to let go of our loved ones.
    I know from your writing how thankful you are for all things, your courage and wisdom shines through in your writing .
    I’m glad you had Red I’m sure he was one of the best to share life’s trials with.
    Truly sorry for your loss 💙
    Praying for your heart .
    Laurie W

  3. Peggy/Rick Mcgowan says:

    so much sadness, so much faith, so much strength and courage; sending you love, love.

  4. Susan Bever says:

    You are on my heart…

  5. Debbie says:

    You are brave. I know your heart is broken again. And you knew it was a risk to let Red into your heart. But my friend, you also did not have a choice. Because you are brave and you choose love. That is why you are here right now. Love. And to be an inspiration to us. Love you so much.

  6. patsy says:

    I can relate to your broken heart. After my husband Bob died, I became very attached to the cat he so adored. She is getting old but we give each other much comfort. It’s a special bond, and I dread the emptiness when her presence is gone.

  7. Jane Mignone says:

    We are so sorry to hear about Red. He was a good friend to you, you must really miss him. Our hearts ache again for your loss. God gave Red to you when you needed him, and when Red needed you. God is faithful. He is a good, good Father. We love you Patty.

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